Advanced Pallet Stations

Robotize has designed a number of advanced Pallet Stations to ease GoPal implementation in production and warehouse environments.

GoPal - Pallet Stations

GoPal Conveyor Pallet Station

The GoPal Conveyor Pallet Station is an integrated part of the GoPal system and is designed for seamless PLC interfacing with a traditional pallet conveyor system. Easily installed, the Station enables the GoPal Robot to handle pallet transport in production setups with conveyor systems.

GoPal - Pallet Stations

GoPal Elevation Pallet Station

The GoPal Elevation Pallet Station with hydraulic lift is an integrated part of the GoPal system and is designed to offer stepless pallet positioning from floor height to table height. This allows for implementation in existing production setups and/or for ergonomically correct manual pallet loading/unloading. The Station includes a simple call button for pickup requests, is easy to install and features a shielded lifting mechanism to ensure the highest possible employee safety.

GoPal - Pallet Stations

GoPal Power Station

The GoPal Power Station is designed for quick and fully automatic charging of the GoPal Robot. The Station will complete a full charge in just 45 minutes and can be placed anywhere, since LiFePO4 charging does not require special venting. To ensure efficiency, the GoControl server can abort a charge if the Robot is required for a delivery.