GoPal is a highly flexible automationn solution that can be used in a wide variety of applications, ranging from simple and complex delivery to production support – or any combination thereof.



Simple delivery

In a simple delivery application, the GoPal moves pallets from A to B. The prime example would be moving pallets from the end of the production line to the warehouse. Typically, this configuration would have a GoPal Pallet Station with a GoPal Call Button at the end of the production line, while a GoPal Conveyor Pallet Station would be connected to the warehouse inbound conveyor system.


Complex delivery

In a complex delivery application, the GoPal moves pallets from A to B, C or D. An example would be delivery of raw materials from warehouse to production cells. This would often be directed by the WMS/EPR system, which issues orders and controls material flows. GoPal Pallet Stations are used at either end of the flow, typically with a GoPal Pallet Sensor on the receiving end to ensure that the GoPal Pallet Station is ready to receive a new pallet.


Production support

In a production support application (or serial simple delivery) the GoPal moves pallets from A to B, B to C, C to D etc. The best example of this application is moving intermediate goods from one machine in the production line to the next in order to minimise parking time in buffer storage.


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GoPal lets you optimize pallet transport quickly and easily.

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