Here are the answers to the questions we get most often about GoPal - from installation to data security. If you have questions that are not covered below, please go ahead and contact us.

GoPal – FAQ 1

Is it difficult to install the GoPal?

Not at all. Robotize or one of our trusted partners will install GoPal and other necessary equipment in close cooperation with you – and with due consideration to the day-to-day running of your facility. Before installation begins, you should establish WiFi coverage in all areas where robots will be required to operate, as well as power outlets (230V/13A) near planned recharging stations. While the GoPal is designed to be completely autonomous, we nonetheless recommend that you appoint a limited number of GoPal operators to assist if special situations arise.

GoPal – FAQ 2

Is it safe to work around for our employees?

Yes. The GoPal is designed for safety and will autonomously avoid contact with objects and people. The robot is programmed to take all necessary precautions to minimize danger and will stop immediately if approached by objects moving at high speeds. In environments with forklifts, please ensure that forklift operators are advised about this aspect of the robot’s behaviour.

GoPal – FAQ 3

Is the GoPal safe from hackers?

Yes. The GoPal system operates exclusively on your company’s internal network and does not require Internet access. As such, the system is afforded the same protection from data security breaches as all other computers on the internal company network.

GoPal – FAQ 4

Can we start slow and test a single robot before committing to the full solution?

Absolutely. Since the GoPal system requires no changes to your facility or workflows, it is perfectly possibly to start with even a single robot to see if this type of automatization is right for your company. And since the system is fully scalable, you can either keep adding robots and pallet stations slowly and surely after this initial trial or make the leap to full automation of your pallet transport.