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The GoPal Solution (PDF/multiple languages)

The GoPal Solution (English)

Die GoPal Lösung (Deutsch)

La Solución GoPal (Español)

La Solution GoPal (Français)

A Solução GoPal (Português)

La Soluzione GoPal (Italiano)

GoPal Oplossing (Nederlands)

GoPal брошюра (на русском)

The GoPal Solution (čeština)

The GoPal Solution (Română)

(In curand)

Rozwiązanie GoPal (Polski)


GoPal AMR Technical Specifications (PDF/English only)

GoPal E22 Tech Specs (Eng)

GoPal E24 Tech Specs (Eng)

GoPal E24W Tech Specs (Eng)

GoPal U24W Tech Specs (Eng)

Product images

GoPal E22/E24 (bars retracted)

GoPal E22/E24 (bars extended)

GoPal E22/E24 (with pallet)

GoPal E24W (bars extended)

GoPal U24W (plate retracted)

Why choose GoPal?

The GoPal solution optimizes your intralogistics.

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