Key Feature

Safe and fully automated
pallet transport 24/7/365

Robotize offers a series of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), which enable you to automate your internal pallet transport.

A typical turn-key solution consists of multiple GoPal AMRs, accessories (e.g., pallet stations), Fleet Management System (GoControl) as well as installation and support. All GoPal AMRs are integrated and fully approved for the majority of pallet transport applications.

The GoPal AMRs are easy to install and safe to use. The robots are designed to minimize human error and to prevent injuries to humans and damage to goods.

The GoPal AMRs make decisions on-the-fly. For instance, if a robot detects an obstacle in its path (e.g., forklift or a person), it will simply drive around it. If the path is completely blocked, it will find the shortest alternate route to its destination.

You can download the GoPal datasheet or read more about the many different applications.